Tribal Textiles from the Caspian and Bosphorus

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Here you will find interesting articles, providing insights on the artwork of suzani kilims, tapestries, clothing and other household items, customary to nomadic cultures of Central Asia:

How to Build a Yurt

Yurt is a transportable collapsible dwelling, a home of our nomad ancestors in ancient times, and a potable shelter for modern day shepherds. It consists of wooden framework, covered with felt. The framework ("kerege") forms walls of the dwelling made of latticed wooden poles. The topmost open part of the yurt is called "shanyrak" to serve as an outlet for the smoke rising from the hearth, and to provide scarce light for the yurt's interior. Depending on the outside temperature, one or several layers of felt are used to provide insulation. In warmer weather, felt can be rolled up from bottom to allow flow of air and breeze. In cold temperatures, the outermost layer is coated with lard for it to be rain or snow impenetrable. Spherical form of a yurt makes it an exceedingly heat-consuming dwelling.

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